Youth Sports Performance

We offer sports performance camps and sport specific training for young athletes, college athletes and professional athletes alike.

Sports Performance Class:

Our Sports Performance program is centered on Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction, the MORR principles developed by Chip Smith. Our system Sports Specific Training focuses on injury prevention, linear and lateral speed techniques, improved reaction time, foot speed and agility, explosion and power development, strength training, goal setting and mental preparedness. Classes meet Wednesday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning.Register here

Summer Sports Camps: Our summer speed camps help young athletes with speed, strength, power, flexibility, balance and conditioning.More Info

Wrestling Training: Our wrestling training program incorporates wrestling strength training, endurance training, core exercises, flexibility exercises and techniques to take down opponents.More Info

Combine Training: We offer combine training for the elite athlete looking to make the move into the NFL.

Personal Training:We provide personal training for athletes looking to go to the next level. Contact us for info.

Athlete Recognition Let’s give a shout out to some of our local athletes.

Contact Tom Free at or contact us 410-399-9600 for more information on our sports performance clinics and sport specific training opportunities.