Sports Specific Training

Our Sports Performance program is centered around Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction, the MORR principles developed by Chip Smith. Our system Sports Specific Training keys in on injury prevention, linear and lateral speed techniques, improved reaction time, foot speed and agility, explosion and power development, strength training, goal setting and mental preparedness.

Our coaches pay close attention to proper technique and safety.

*Injury Prevention – Proper Warm-up, Progressions, Technique, Conditioning and Recovery.

*Speed – Getoffs, Open Field, Linear and Lateral Movements, Acceleration, Deceleration, Footwork

*Strength – Lower Body, Upper Body, Core

*Power – Jumping and Olympic lifting

*Flexibility – Foam Rolling, Static and Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Activation

*Balance – Combination of Movements

*Conditioning – 4th Quarter Dominant Conditioning

*Goal Setting and Mental Preparedness

Contact Tom Free at or 410-339-9600 to get more information on our sports performance clinics and sport specific training opportunities.