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10/22/12 Strength!

10/22/12 Monday, Did We Make it?

Make or break Monday and you better believe we made it! Kicking off the week right! GET FIT!

10/20/12 No Elevator to Success

10/20/12 Jessica Loses 70lbs!!

Congratulations on losing 70lbs, Jessica! Your relentless pursuit to achieve your goals has been very inspiring!!!

10/20/12 Saturday Morning with the Choirboy

Early Saturday morning workout  with MMA fighter Ron Choirboy Stallings! Pursuing greatness ONE KICK, ONE KNEE, ONE PUNCH, ONE REP at a time!!!!

10/19/12 Tabata Friday – Super Energy!

Tabata Friday at get fit boot camp of Harford County is where its at!!! Super energy in the 530 and 630 a.m. classes this morning!!! Enjoy the weekend, everyone! GET FIT!!!!

10/18/12 High Energy, High Intensity!

High energy, high intensity, the formula to a great morning workout! GET FIT! Pullups, KB Swings, Bear Crawls, DB Squat to Presses and more were executed in a relentless As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) workout!!!!!  

10/17/12 I’m Crazy Enough!

10/17/12 Slamming Morning!

Slamming morning! Everybody came to work hard and get energized to start the day off right! GET FIT!

10/16/12 Boot Campers Crushing AMRAPS

13 boot campers hit it hard at 530am this morning! A series of sprints, variations of pushups, crunches, db rows, lunges, etc. Were conquered in an AMRAP workout!!! Welcome to Get Fit BC of HC, Monica. GET FIT!!!!!
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