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Shoulder Progress – 5 weeks

 5 weeks later and I can now Raise my arm above my head = Progress! Ready to push through 6 hours of Physical therapy this week and come in to next week even stronger!!

March 17th Workout: 5 Supersets of 10 reps each Left arm only  Front-Side Raise / Dumbell Bicep Curl.  Reverse Crunches x 50

March 18th Workout: 5 Supersets of 10 reps each Left arm only DB Bench Press/DB Rows

March 19th Workout: 3 Rounds of Air Squats x 10, Split Squat Left x 10, Split Squat Right x 10, One Arm Modified Pushups x 10…. Lemon Crushers x 50 Reps

Shoulder Update with Physical Therapy Pic

 Picture: Utilizing the pulley system, this shows me attempting to pull my hand up my back. As you can see I did not make it very far (maybe an inch from start to finish)!! Still A long way to go…

My overall range of motion is awesome, not only compared to 3 weeks ago, but even to where I was at the beginning of the week (tomorrow’s picture).  Drayer Physical Therapy in Aberdeen is working me hard, hurting me, and helping me improve on a daily basis.  After three gruelling 2 hour sessions this week my strength has significantly improved. Two Weeks ago I was doing tricep pushdowns with 10lbs and Cable Rows with 20lbs and it was all I could handle! Today I did 40lb tricep pushdowns (easily could have handled 50lbs) and did 50 lb cable rows. We have added several exercises to the mix, including wall pushups, shoulder pushdowns, pulley exercises, and heavier weight all the way around. My shoulder is adapting, quite well.

In addition, to PT yesterday I did 5 sets of 10 Left Arm only Dumbell Bench Press/Dumbell Rows (superset) and 100 crunches. Today I worked my legs with Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls and Bosu Ball Squats.

I am up 3lbs from the start of the week! #GetFitNextLevel

Monday and Tuesday Shoulder Update

 Woke up hurting on Monday, but a 2 hour rehab session took care of that. Ultrasound, Massage, Bicycle Arm Machine, Weights, ice and stem and I was feeling better.  I did not want to do too much outside of that because of how irritated my shoulder was. I limited myself to 200 flutter kicks and 20 modified one arm pushups.

Today, I am feeling a lot better and I made another significant improvement with my range of motion (will provide picture before end of week).  I ran boot camp this morning and participated in the 6:30am session.  We did a 20 minute crazy 8 workout, of which I did 11:30, the point when my right shoulder was on the verge of irritation.  I modified a few of the movements. Instead of Suicide Pushups I did modified one arm pushups, instead of 2 arm shoulder presses I only did left shoulder presses, instead of sprinting I walked, and instead of using both hands for the burpees I only used one.  That workout put a smile in my heart. It feels good being in the mix, again!! #SlowandSteady

Today’s picture with my daughter and nephew shows that I am moving, again!!!

Hurting a bit today! Looking for weight Gain!

My shoulder hurt a good bit when I woke up this morning and did not let up too much as the day went along. Hoping for more relief tomorrow.

I did a 10 -8-6-4-2 rep workout of 1 Arm Pushups (left Arm) and 80 crunches. That combined with running around the park with my daughter took care of business for my Sunday Fun day workout.

I lost about 15lbs of muscle with the whole shoulder ordeal and I would really like to get back at least 12lbs over the next 4 months.

Overall it was a good first week back. Taking it slow for the first time in my life = difficult, but staying focused.

MMA Fighter “Choirboy” hits the pool

Ron Pool Workout

A glimpse in to today’s Saturday pool workout with Ronald “Choirboy” Stallings!

Jeff Swim Trunks

Today’s workout took place at the pool! 250m kickboard kicks Front and Back for total of 500m (held kickboard w/one arm (awkward). 3 x 1 minute Sprints w/ 30 second rest in between.

Jeff Shoulder Update

I woke up hurting a bit this morning, but as they day wore on my shoulder loosened up.

I worked my core with the following: One Arm Low Plank x 30 sec, Side Plank Left x 30 sec, One Arm Low Plank x  30 sec, Side Plank Left x 30 sec, One Arm High Plank x 30 sec – No Rest in Between. Supersets of the following:  4x 10 of One arm DB Row/One Arm DB Curl (left arm only) and 4 x 10 Bosu DB Bench Press (left arm only)/Shoulder Press (left arm).

I did various pendulums rehab exercises for my right arm.

Bootcampers rocking the wall sits!

 Bootcampers rocking the wall sits! Feel the burn!!

Arm is above 90 degrees!

Finished week 2 of rehab (6 sessions) and I am now able to raise my arm 90 degrees (a little above). This is where we will stay for a another week to ensure everything heals properly.  I added weight to my curl (up to 6lbs!), rows up to 30lbs (from 20), triceps pushdowns up from 20lbs to 30, and added a few additional exercises. I am pumped with the progress, so far.

I conducted my first workout this morning where I did 5 Rounds of One Arm KB Walking Lunges x 12, KB Swings x 12, Crunches x 20. I used a light kettlebell (15lbs) to see how the movements would impact my right shoulder, even though I did not utilize it.  I am glad I stayed light because upon completion I was feeling it. Heavy concentration on technique at a very medium pace.

Pictures of Shoulder Surgery – Time to GET IN SHAPE!

 Here’s an up close shot of 3 of 5 Incisions Another Angle! Both Pictures were taken approximately 3 weeks ago.


Follow me in my pursuit to get in to PEAK SHAPE!!

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