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Shoulder Progress proven with the Bench Pushup

   Today’s Progression: Wall Pushups to Bench Pushups! This progression was beyond awesome!! We are moving along…. The progress Continues. On 2/28 I was able to raise my arm 55 degrees, today I measured at 150 degrees. The weights that I am using for my lifting exercises continue to climb with every session. 2 Hour nonstop sessions 3 […]

Shoulder Progress – 5 weeks

 5 weeks later and I can now Raise my arm above my head = Progress! Ready to push through 6 hours of Physical therapy this week and come in to next week even stronger!! March 17th Workout: 5 Supersets of 10 reps each Left arm only  Front-Side Raise / Dumbell Bicep Curl.  Reverse Crunches x 50 March […]

Shoulder Update with Physical Therapy Pic

 Picture: Utilizing the pulley system, this shows me attempting to pull my hand up my back. As you can see I did not make it very far (maybe an inch from start to finish)!! Still A long way to go… My overall range of motion is awesome, not only compared to 3 weeks ago, but […]

Monday and Tuesday Shoulder Update

 Woke up hurting on Monday, but a 2 hour rehab session took care of that. Ultrasound, Massage, Bicycle Arm Machine, Weights, ice and stem and I was feeling better.  I did not want to do too much outside of that because of how irritated my shoulder was. I limited myself to 200 flutter kicks and […]

Hurting a bit today! Looking for weight Gain!

My shoulder hurt a good bit when I woke up this morning and did not let up too much as the day went along. Hoping for more relief tomorrow. I did a 10 -8-6-4-2 rep workout of 1 Arm Pushups (left Arm) and 80 crunches. That combined with running around the park with my daughter […]

Jeff Swim Trunks

Today’s workout took place at the pool! 250m kickboard kicks Front and Back for total of 500m (held kickboard w/one arm (awkward). 3 x 1 minute Sprints w/ 30 second rest in between.

Jeff Shoulder Update

I woke up hurting a bit this morning, but as they day wore on my shoulder loosened up. I worked my core with the following: One Arm Low Plank x 30 sec, Side Plank Left x 30 sec, One Arm Low Plank x  30 sec, Side Plank Left x 30 sec, One Arm High Plank […]

Arm is above 90 degrees!

Finished week 2 of rehab (6 sessions) and I am now able to raise my arm 90 degrees (a little above). This is where we will stay for a another week to ensure everything heals properly.  I added weight to my curl (up to 6lbs!), rows up to 30lbs (from 20), triceps pushdowns up from […]

Pictures of Shoulder Surgery – Time to GET IN SHAPE!

 Here’s an up close shot of 3 of 5 Incisions Another Angle! Both Pictures were taken approximately 3 weeks ago.   Follow me in my pursuit to get in to PEAK SHAPE!!

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