After School

Fit Kids After School Program

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Get Fit Sports Performance’s After School program offers your elementary/middle school age child a fun, safe, and engaging learning environment.

Our program is rooted in our core values of coachable, selfless, fearless, mental toughness and finishers to provide your child with a positive and inspiring learning environment that extends beyond the program.

The program includes the following:

Character Development– Our core values guide everything we do. We believe this is the most essential component of our program.
Teaching a child that even if they can breeze through their homework now, eventually they will limit themselves without a COACHABLE spirit. Being the best player on the field only matters if you are also the most SELFLESS. When circumstances are challenging; that is when we stand to learn the most if we have MENTAL TOUGHNESS. The best things in life come when we let go and are willing to do anything, in front of anyone, at any time by being FEARLESS. And lastly, teaching children that it is never ok to quit. We are Get Fitters, WE ARE FINISHERS!!!

School pick-up

Homework Time – We take a hands-on approach in guiding our students to complete their homework assignments and challenging them to learn the material they are reviewing.

Sports Performance – Children develop fitness and athleticism at the highest levels. Our fun and proprietary system of training will help those at the beginner level and continually challenge all children to strive for their best.

Self Defense – We believe equipping children to defend themselves is an essential part of their development. We teach basic skills in self-defense. Achieving competence in this area enhances important character development in self-confidence and persistence.

Free Play


At Get Fit, we believe that every child matters.  That kindness and manners matter more than achievement.  That every child is teeming with endless potential.  We look forward to being a second family that helps kids realize that potential.

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