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Shoulder Progress proven with the Bench Pushup

   Today’s Progression: Wall Pushups to Bench Pushups! This progression was beyond awesome!! We are moving along….

The progress Continues. On 2/28 I was able to raise my arm 55 degrees, today I measured at 150 degrees. The weights that I am using for my lifting exercises continue to climb with every session. 2 Hour nonstop sessions 3 times a week,  and we seem to be on track for full Strength by the end of july.

This week’s workouts outside of rehab include:

Monday – 5 Sets of 10 (Triset) Left Arm only DB Press, Left arm only DB Row, Crunches

Tuesday – 12 Minute Amrap of  6 Sprints (1 sprint = roughly 30 yards), Left Arm DB Rows x 12 (44lb KB), Walking Lunges x 12, Modified one arm pushups x 12, Reverse Crunches x 12

Wednesday – Off  – did some stretching. I was feeling Tuesday’s workout, so backed off a bit

Thursday – I had my best PT session, yet. They pushed me to my limit.  My workout for today is 5 Sets of 10 (Triset) Front-Side Raise (left arm only), Left Arm only DB Curl, Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls….  Plus 100 Flutter Kicks/100 Crunches

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